AMC FearFest schedule for the final week of October 2022

As AMC’s FearFest rolls into its final week for this year, we are being treated to more iconic horror films before the Halloween franchise takes over for the last few days. Sadly, Halloween III: Season of the Witch is nowhere to be found on FearFest during the week leading to the holiday.

Let’s see what FearFest is bringing to us from Monday, October 24 to Tuesday, November 1.

October 24:

Graveyard Shift (9:00 a.m.) – A rat infested textile mill poses unexpected (and terrifying) hazards for the workers sent to clear out the vermin.

Cujo (11:00 a.m.) – After he is bitten by a bat, man’s best friend terrorizes a mother and son trapped in their car.

Jaws (1:00 p.m.) – They’re gonna need a bigger boat.

Lake Placid (4:00) – Betty White, Bill Pullman and a very large croc…who could ask for anything more?

A Nightmare on Elm Street (6:00 p.m.) – This is the 2010 version of the story of Fred Krueger.


A scene from Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures’ horror thriller “Trick ‘r Treat,” distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.

Trick ‘r Treat (8:00 p.m.) – It is Sam’s duty to punish the townspeople who don’t follow the rules of Halloween in this perfect film . FearFest is smart to bring us this most Halloween-ish of films this week.

The Conjuring (10:00 p.m.) – Ed and Lorraine Warren try to help a family living in a haunted farmhouse.

October 25:

Here’s where FearFest takes us back to those creepy kids for a couple of films.

Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice (9:00 a.m.) – The well-meaning people in Hemingsford decide to adopt the kids from Gatlin…bad idea.

Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest (11:00 a.m.) – When two of the worshippers are adopted by a family in Chicago, it doesn’t go well.

The Rite (1:00 p.m.) – A seminary student reluctantly attends an exorcism course. At first he believes possession is not real, but then he encounters Father Lucas, an experienced exorcist.

The Conjuring (3:30 p.m.)

Jeepers Creepers (6:00 p.m.) – A brother and sister encounter The Creeper in the back woods of Florida.

Thirteen Ghosts (8:00 p.m.) – It seems too good to be true when a man and his two kids inherit a huge, very strange mansion. It is.

House of Wax (10:00 pm.) – Jared Padalecki, Paris Hilton and a bunch of their friends are heading to a football game when their car breaks down, and end up at a creepy wax museum.

October 26:

Jeepers Creepers (12:30 a.m.)

How to Make a Monster (5:45 a.m.) – Horror movie makeup artist Pete is upset that he is about to lose his job, so he hypnotizes a couple of actors to kill off his new bosses.

Tanks of El Alamein (9:00 a.m.) – Italian soldiers await a tank assault.

Corridors of Blood (9:15 a.m.) – A British surgeon in the 1800s tries to make surgery pain-free by experiment with anesthetics. This is a horror film, so it doesn’t work out.

Night of the Living Dead (9:30 a.m.) – This is the 1990 remake of Romero’s zombie film, directed by Tom Savini and starring Tony Todd.

House of the Dead (11:30 a.m.) – A group of college students go to an island for a party, and find out the rave was interrupted by a zombie attack.

House of Wax (1:30 p.m.)

Thirteen Ghosts (4:00 p.m.)


Friday the 13th. Image Courtesy Paramount Pictures, Shudder

Friday the 13th (6:00 p.m.) – This 2009 reboot gives us a slightly different take on Jason Vorhees, although his kills are as memorable as ever.

October 27:

Friday the 13th (12:00 a.m.)

An American Werewolf in London (9:00 a.m.) – David and Jack are two American tourists backtracking through the Moors in Yorkshire when they are attacked by a werewolf. Though Jack is killed, he comes back to warn David what’s going to happen.

Silver Bullet (11:00 a.m.) – Tarker’s Mill is experiencing a much higher number of murders and town, and it takes Corey Haim in a wheelchair to figure out the mystery.

Gremlins (1:00 p.m.) – Billy’s Dad gives him the perfect gift, a Mogwai. Unfortunately, Billy doesn’t follow the rules and ends up with a houseful of evil Gremlins.

Child’s Play (3:30 p.m.) – Andy’s Mom gives him the perfect gift, a Good Guys doll named Chucky. Unfortunately, Chucky is possessed by the soul of an executed killer.

The Last House on the Left (5:30 p.m.) – Whether this is the original or the remake, you are in for a very rough ride. Two teenage girls are abducted by a group of sadistic killers, who torture and assault them.

Final Destination (8:00 p.m.) – After surviving a plane accident, thanks to a premonition, Alex and his friends discover that they cannot escape death.

Final Destination 2 (10:00 p.m.) – College student Kimberly has an Alex-like premonition of an horrific highway accident involving a logging truck, and saves the lives of many people. Well, temporarily, anyway.

October 28:

Final Destination 3 – This time our group of friends escape death at the hands of a rogue roller coaster. Well, temporarily, anyway.

Eli Roth’s History of Horror (9:00 a.m.) – Horror nerds, unite! Eli Roth has created a fascination docu-series about horror movies, and he invited his talented friends along.

The Apparition (10:00 a.m.) – Kelly and Ben are haunted by an entity created by a parapsychology experiment gone wrong. Can they escape the clutches of the evil spirit?

Amityville: The Awakening (12:00 p.m.) – The 10th installment in the franchise stars Bella Thorne as a teen who moves into “that house” with her family. Some bad stuff happens.

Final Destination (2:00 p.m.) – FearFest is rolling out a Final Destination marathon, starting with the original.

Final Destination 2 (4:00 p.m.)

Final Destination 3 (6:00 p.m.)

The Final Destination (8:00 p.m.) – Nick and his friends are nearly killed in an accident involving racecars, but his premonition saves them. I could tell you what happens next, but I think you already know.

October 29:

Final Destination 5 (1:37 a.m.) – We are not reinventing the wheel here, so the story is basically the same. Sam has a promotion involving a packed suspension bridge collapsing. Death comes anyway, etc. etc.

Eli Roth’s History of Horror (5:00 a.m.)

Orphan (6:00 a.m.) – Russian orphan Esther is adopted by a nice American couple, who soon regret their decision to bring her home with them.

Christine (8:45 a.m.) – After nerdy Arnie buys an old rusty 1958 Plymouth Fury, the car starts killing off his tormentors. But when Christine sets her headlights on Arnie’s friends, will he be able to save them?

The Exorcist (10:45 a.m.) – Chris wants nothing more than to save her young daughter Regan from the clutches of the demon who has possessed her. When she calls in Father Damian Karris, the demon isn’t too thrilled, and things get crazy.

Trick ‘r Treat (1:30 p.m.)

House of Wax (3:30 p.m.)

Thirteen Ghosts (6:00 p.m.)

Halloween (8:00 p.m.) The one, the only, the original Halloween tells the story of babysitter Laurie Strode and her friends, and how they all suffered (and mostly died) on The Night He Came Home.

Poltergeist (10:00 p.m.) – The Freeling family must fight off the entities in their house if they want to rescue little Carol Ann from their evil clutches.

October 30:

A Nightmare on Elm Street 2010 (12:30 a.m.)

Friday the 13th (2:30 a.m.)

Eli Roth’s History of Horror (4:30 a.m.)

Poltergeist (5:30 a.m.)

This is the point at which FearFest hands the reins over to the Halloween franchise


Michael Myers (Photo by: Universal Studios Hollywood)

Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers (7:57 a.m.) – Donald Pleasence returned for this sequel, in which Michael Myers targets Tommy Doyle.

Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (9:57 a.m.) – Michael Myers goes after his niece Jamie, and Dr. Loomis tries to stop him.

Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers (11:57 a.m.) – MM goes after Jamie again, and Dr. Loomis tries to save her again.

Halloween: Resurrection (1:57 p.m.) – Jamie Leigh Curtis returned briefly to the role of Laurie in this sequel, in which the Myers home is now the set of a webcam show.

Halloween H20: 20 Years Later (3:57 p.m.) – Laurie is now headmistress of a swanky school that her teenage son attends. Michael finds her anyway.

Halloween (5:57 p.m.)

October 31:

Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers (9:00 a.m.)

Halloween: Resurrection (11:00 a.m.)

Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1:00 p.m.)

Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers (3:00 p.m.)

Halloween (1978) (5:00 p.m.)

Halloween H20: 20 Years Later (7:00 p.m.)

Halloween: Resurrection (9:00 p.m.)

Halloween (11:00 p.m.)

November 1:

Halloween H20: 20 Years Later (1:00 a.m.)

Eli Roth’s History of Horror (3:00 a.m.)

Eli Roth’s History of Horror (4:00 a.m.)

Eli Roth’s History of Horror (5:00 a.m.)

Do you think FearFest has a great lineup for the final week leading to Halloween? Tell us why or why not in the comments section.