50 greatest horror movies of all-time

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Photo: Ash vs Evil Dead Season 1.. Courtesy Starz

Horror comes in many shapes and forms. Some people are more terrified of home invasion movies, while others fear the supernatural. What makes horrors so great? Here’s a rank of the 50 best horror movies ever to show why they are so scary.

Horror movies certainly come in many shapes and sizes. They’ve adapted over the years, some focusing on serial killers and others on ghostly figures. Witches, demons, vampires, psychopaths and ghosts have all been the antagonists in some of the scariest of films.

What makes some of the horrors out there so scary? Why do they make you afraid of the dark or leave you with that feeling someone is always watching you?

Horror is certainly subjective. While many horrors will still use jump scares, others play on the mind. They leave you questioning your own sanity and leave you with little clues to look out for.

For this rank, I’m looking at horror movies. That means The Haunting of Hill House won’t be on this list, even though it has been one of Netflix’s best releases in recent months. Do you think Halloween deserves the top spot? What about Evil Dead , The Descent or even the classic Nosferatu ?

Here’s a ranking of the top 50 horror movies of all-time. They may not be the scariest, but I’m taking into account the cinematography, the effect of the villain and the feeling you’re left with when you get to the end and have to turn out the light.

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