Horror Movies: 25 Greatest horror movie villains

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Horror movies are everywhere. With so many different types of horrors, it’s time to look at the best villains throughout the different franchises.

There are so many different types of horror movies. Some people want the typical, gory slasher movie, while others need the supernatural hauntings. There are some horrors that will always leave a mark when you’re finished and make you need to keep the light on. Then, there are others that have you chuckling at the stupidity of some of the characters.

Either way, all horrors have one thing in common: they have villains that our protagonists need to go up against. Some villains may be psychopathic killers and others are spirits twisted from their violent deaths. We have demonic possession, ghostly occurrences and mental illness throughout a range of movies.

It’s time to pit the horror movie villains against each other. This is a chance to look at who comes out on top.

Whether you’re a Michael Myers fan, a Freddy Krueger person or love the demonic possession storylines of Annabelle and Chucky , you know there are some excellent villains throughout the franchises.

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Some of these villains have managed to succeed all the way to the end of the movie, leaving nobody behind. Others have succeeded up until the last victim. Then, there are others that are still out there, adapting and re-assessing for the next movie. Some have their reasons and others you’ll never find out.

Here are the 25 greatest horror movie villains ever to grace our screens. So far, at least!

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